OK Let me get this straight...

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If you love America you cannot vote for Harris/Biden

OK Let me get this straight...There are actual Americans that call themselves Patriots and claim to love America that hate President Trump so much they will vote for a senile old man 100% controlled by the Socialist that back him.

They would willingly turn America into a Socialist shithole because Trump is not PC or a smooth talking politician.

Look there are times Trump drives me crazy but I look at his record on what he has done for America and it's citizens in just 3 1/2 years with the entire Left wing congress and their leftwing henchmen in the media working against him.

You cannot deny he loves America and gets up ever day and works long hours for no pay to MAGA. Don't you find it refreshing to have a President that actually keeps his campaign promises? Name one thing President Trump has done to make your life worse.

Believe what you see and hear from the Harris/Biden campaign. Sec. of health will be Bernie Sanders, he claimed that this week. Pocahontas Warren will be Sec. of Treasury. Beto O'Rourke will be coming for your guns, Adam Schiff for Atty. General, Chuck Schumer for Sec. of State, AOC for HUD Director this is just a sample of what has actually been floated by the Harris/Biden ticket. SERIOUSLY

You hate Trump so much you would vote for this? People you better look long and hard at what you will get if Biden is elected President. In 2 years you will regret you vote so much you will want to leave America because the America you knew will be gone, FOREVER.

Please for your children's and future generations sake set aside your dislike of his manners and vote to keep in office a man that will not turn his back on you. It is President Trump for 4 more years or it is the end of the American dream for all the world.